Couture Invitations Offer A Touch Of Elegance

Do you have a celebratory event coming up? Sending couture invitations to your guests is the perfect way of setting the tone for what is sure to be an elegant event. Customized invitations that can ideally match the theme for your event are a sure way to get everyone excitedly looking forward to the special day.

Couture invitations are ideal for a variety of grand celebratory events, including the following.

  • Bridal shower
  • Wedding
  • Baby shower
  • Housewarming party
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Christenings
  • Birthday parties for your kids
  • Quinceanera celebrations
  • Graduation

You could also get a bit creative and send out invitations for other great events that are worthy of a celebration! Perhaps you got a promotion at work? Host an elegant dinner party with a few of your friends and family members to toast to your career success.

Another superb idea for couture invitations is to use them as a means of inviting guests to a charity event. What a great way to set a tone of elegance and sophistication!

Colors and Themes

Picking out the right colors for your invitations could be as simple as selecting the colors from your wedding’s theme. However, for events that might not yet have a color theme selected or perhaps won’t have a theme, you can’t go wrong with the selection of classic black and white invitations. You may consider opting for a vintage look to your invites or even a more contemporary theme.

Red, black, white, and even grey or silver tones can be great classic color choices for your invitations, and may even inspire the color theme for your special event.

In keeping with the themes of the invitations, consider adding elegant decorative touches to them. Satin ribbons, textured papers, sequins, and even embossed details can add an extra level of style to your couture invitations. A trend in wedding invitations is to include a stunning brooch with each invitation so that guests can wear the sparkling jewelry to the wedding. What a great way to thank your guests, in advance, for joining you in this celebration of your love and commitment.

Careful Comparison Shopping

When it comes to picking the right company to create your stunning invitations for you, it is important that you take the time to do a little bit of comparison shopping. Ensure that the vendor you select does not only have a solid reputation of providing quality prints but that they also have a reputation of providing the printed materials in a timely manner. It could put you in a major time crunch if they fail to deliver your invitations to you in time for you to mail them out to your guests.

Your couture invitations should reflect your personality and be a gorgeous precursor to the elegance that your fabulous event is sure to offer those in attendance.


Letterpress Invitations

Make a lasting impression with letterpress invitations that are the perfect expression of your personality and the ideal way to set the tone for your celebratory event. Letterpress offers crisp printing that is an all at once classic and elegant means of conveying your sentiment on your invitations.

When selecting your invitations, you should take a few things into consideration in order to ensure you get the best quality invitations with a cost that fits neatly into your allotted budget.

Designing Your Invitations

The design of your letterpress invitations may restrict a few choices that you would otherwise have with other printing options; however, there are still a great many choices available to you.

For best results you should select a darkly colored ink to be printed on a light paper. With letterpress printing, the ink is translucent which means that the color of the paper will bleed through the printed words or images. The timeless classic of black print on white paper is always a great and elegant choice for many celebratory events.

The thickness of your invitations and your matching envelopes should also be a consideration. As a general rule, you will find that the paper used for letterpress invitations is thicker and softer than standard invitations may be. This is to allow a reasonable depth for the letterpress printing. A professional printer will have their machines calibrated perfectly in order to allow for just the right impression into the paper, and to avoid the potential of embossing the backside of the invitations.

It is possible to print on the front side of envelopes; however, there may be some damage and bleeding through on the envelopes. For best results, it is often best to simply print a return address or touching sentiment on the envelope flap.

Discussing your requirements with a professional printing service is perhaps the best means of determining what styles will work for your letterpress invitations.

Finding Your Printing Professional

Flipping through a phone book will give you contact information for hundreds of printers in your area. However, it is important that you are somewhat selective when it comes to picking out the vendor to complete your print job for you. Take your time and try to use a few key factors in the process of helping you to locate your ideal printer.

Turnaround time is very important, especially when you need to allow for the time that will be needed to address and mail the invitations to your guests. Ask your printer for a realistic turnaround timeframe so that you are not scrambling at the last minute to get your invitations out on time; or, worse, that you are left with no time to send them out and no budget to quickly get the job done elsewhere.

Ask to see a portfolio of their prior work. The majority of reputable printing companies will be more than happy to provide you with a portfolio of work that they have completed for other clients. The work that you receive should be of a quality that matches what is offered in their portfolios.

Shop around with your requirements so that you can get a few pricing quotes. If one vendor is coming in significantly lower than the others, they may not necessarily be the ideal choice. They may actually be prone to cutting corners and sacrificing quality in order to undercut their competition. Being a smart and savvy consumer will help you to get the best quality letterpress invitations printed for your special event.

Letterpress printing allows for a customized elegant look to your invitations. Consider selecting this printing style for all of your special occasions, including some of the following.

  • Weddings
  • Baby showers
  • Housewarming events
  • Charity functions
  • Corporate events
  • Graduation celebrations

Your letterpress invitations are sure to impress and wow your guests. With unbeatable elegance, letterpress is a classic way of printing your images and messages onto your invitations and envelopes.